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Two Mizoram MPs accorded heroes’ welcome for their stand on Manipur issue

Aizawl: The two members of Parliament representing Mizoram – C Lalrosanga from the Lok Sabha and K Vanlalvena from the Rajya Sabha were on Saturday accorded heroes’ welcome as they arrived at Lengpui Airport near here, for their resolute stance in support of Manipur’s Zo ethnic tribes.

Organised by the Mizo National Front (MNF) headquarters, a crowd of party supporters congregated at the state’s sole airport. As they stepped out of the arrivals lounge, the MPs were clothed with traditional Mizo attire, Thangchhuah puan and Tawlhloh puan, historically associated with valiant warriors of the Mizo society.

Addressing the gathering, Lalrosanga, the lone Lok Sabha representative from Mizoram, expressed that the central government, led by the BJP, evaded the Manipur issue in Parliament due to fear.

Lalrosanga recounted how he had urged the NDA leadership to raise the concern over Manipur violence, only to have his request denied outright.

“I was denied the opportunity to discuss the turmoil in Manipur. Despite my efforts, the Lok Sabha Speaker rejected my appeals to address the issue in Parliament. Similarly, Manipur MPs were also barred from addressing the matter,” he revealed.

He further disclosed that some NDA members distanced themselves from him due to his stance on the neighbouring state’s violence.

“A few refused to engage in dialogue, while others regarded me as untouchable. Certain NDA MPs even declined to shake hands,” he lamented.

Lalrosanga affirmed his commitment to support the no-confidence motion moved by Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi, with the condition that it pertained solely to the Manipur issue.

“I will continue advocating for our brethren in Manipur, both inside and outside Parliament. I stand by them in their times of distress,” he asserted, acknowledging the unwavering support of MNF members and Mizoram residents.

In separate event, K Vanlalvena, the sole Rajya Sabha representative from Mizoram, was honoured at the Aizawl Press Club by former student leaders and the Zomi Council Steering Committee of Manipur.

The Zomi Council Steering Committee presented Vanlalvena with a ‘Zomi puan,’ a traditional shawl, as recognition for his representation of the marginalised tribal community in Parliament.

They hailed him as the “father” of all tribal communities in Manipur within the parliamentary context.

Reacting to Home Minister’s remarks in Parliament about Kuki immigrants from Myanmar contributing to tensions in Manipur, Vanlalvena retorted with determination.

He argued that the tribal people in Manipur were not immigrants but had inhabited the northeast region for over two centuries prior to British colonisation.

“As a tribal from Mizoram, we are not foreigners or Myanmarese nationals; we are Indians. Our presence in the northeast predates India’s independence by centuries,” he asserted, revealing that he continued his speech even after his microphone was switched off, in solidarity with Manipur’s tribals.

“I remain steadfast in my support for my Zo brethren in Manipur,” Vanlalvena concluded.

The MNF, an ally of the BJP within the National Democratic Alliance, was expected to oppose the No Confidence Motion regarding Manipur initiated by the opposition Congress.

Vanlalvena elucidated that NDA allies had urged them to vote against the No Confidence Motion to maintain alliance harmony.

“We complied with this to avoid offending the NDA, following strong instructions from Chief Minister Zoramthanga,” he explained.

Zoramthanga had previously stated that his party’s support for the NDA was issue-based and not a blanket endorsement.

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