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Vicious wolf attacks threaten livelihood of Myanmar border village in Mizoram

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Aizawl: Sailulak village, nestled in the serene central district of Serchhip in Mizoram, is reeling from a recurring menace that has struck fear into the hearts of its villagers. A pack of relentless wolves has been targeting their prized gayals, also known as mithun, leading to devastating consequences for the community.

Former village council president (VCP), Sawmdawnga, informed that this relentless predators have already claimed the lives of seven gayals, with the number steadily rising to a staggering 20 unfortunate victims. 

The repercussions of these attacks have been profoundly felt, especially by the approximately 50 out of 170 families who heavily depend on gayal rearing for their livelihood. Sailulak village boasts a population of over 300 gayals, making it a vital component of the local economy.

The gayal, referred to as ‘Sial’ in the local language, holds great significance in Mizoram’s cultural heritage, having served as a cherished domestic animal for the Mizos for well over a century. Traditionally, these animals are kept in the forest surrounding the village, rather than within its confines. This practice, while maintaining a symbiotic relationship with nature, has inadvertently exposed the gayals to the dangers posed by predators.

In an effort to combat this dire situation, the villagers successfully eliminated one member of the three to four-member wolf pack on Monday. However, the remaining predators continue their ruthless assaults on the vulnerable gayals, causing further distress to the community. At present, around 10 carcasses have been identified, while a significant number of gayals have suffered injuries.

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