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Will MNF pull out of NDA?

Aizawl: Against the backdrop of ethnic violence in Manipur and the contentious issue of the Uniform Civil Code, two Members of Parliament from Mizoram, C Lalrosanga (LS) and K Vanlalvena (RS), have voiced their readiness to pull out of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), and they were waiting for a nod from their party leadership.

C Lalrosanga, who represents the Mizoram National Front (MNF) party, shared his concerns, stating, “We cannot stand by injustice, and it seems increasingly difficult to remain a part of the NDA. Ultimately, this decision lies with my party’s leadership, but the sentiment is clear among the public.” He emphasised that the people of Mizoram stand in solidarity with the Manipur’s Kuki-Zo community, who are kindred brothers of the Mizos.

“As a representative of the MNF, which is an ally of the BJP-led NDA,” Lalrosanga continued, “it is disheartening to witness the BJP government in Manipur, our supposed ally, failing to quell the violence against tribal people.” He demanded that either Chief Minister N. Biren Singh resign or the state be placed under President’s rule immediately.

Lalrosanga was elected to the Lok Sabha in 2019 on the MNF ticket, further cementing the party’s alliance with the BJP-led NDA and the North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA).

Joining him in expressing similar sentiments, Rajya Sabha member K. Vanlalvena stated that being part of the NDA has become increasingly embarrassing. However, he clarified that the final decision to remain in the alliance or opt out lies with the MNF party leadership, and he was merely expressing his personal opinion.

Notably, the two MPs from Mizoram were indirectly discouraged from raising the issues of Manipur violence and the Uniform Civil Code during the NDA representatives’ meeting, leading to their absence from the NDA MPs meeting on Thursday.

The Mizoram MPs have taken a principled stand, demanding discussions on the ongoing violence in Manipur, making them the sole NDA members pushing for a parliamentary debate on the issue. Their stance reflects the growing concerns among certain allies within the NDA coalition regarding pressing matters that demand attention and resolution.

Earlier on Monday, chief minister Zoramthanga said his party would be hesitant to pull out of NDA for the larger interest of the Mizo people.

“Political parties in India are forming alliances in the name of BJP-led NDA or recently Congress-led INDIA, and MNF is an alliance partner of the NDA. Though we are with the NDA we do not subscribe to the policies and objects of the NDA,” Zoramthanga has said.

However, Mizoram chief minister Zoramthanga on Tuesday said the MNF has not yet considered pulling out of the NDA, adding that his party’s alignment with the BJP-led alliance was issue-based. 

Political observers believe that as the state assembly elections draw near and given the BJP’s tarnished reputation in the wake of the Manipur ethnic violence, the MNF (Mizoram National Front) might ultimately sever its ties with the BJP-led NDA (National Democratic Alliance), as they sense the prevailing public sentiment.

From the outset, the MNF’s alliance with the BJP was met with disapproval among the majority Christian population of Mizoram. The unease with this partnership has persisted, and it has been a point of concern for the party as they gauge the feelings of their constituents.

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