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Zomi body expresses gratitude to Mizoram Chief Minister

Aizawl: The Zomi Council Steering Committee (ZCSC) of Manipur extended their heartfelt thanks to Chief Minister Zoramthanga of Mizoram at his official residence on Saturday (August 12). 

The ZCSC delegation, led by its leader T Kaithang, conveyed their gratitude to Zoramthanga for his unwavering support during the challenging times faced by the Kuki-Zo community.

The ZCSC delegation specifically acknowledged Zoramthanga’s proactive measures in ensuring the transportation of essential supplies, including vital commodities, from Mizoram to the affected areas in Manipur since the onset of the violence.

One notable achievement mentioned was the repair of the Mizoram-Manipur border bridge over the Tuivai River. This repair has significantly facilitated the smooth movement of essential items to the Manipur hill regions bordering Mizoram. Additionally, the repair work on roads in the Daido sector and between Kawlkulh and Hliappui villages further underlined the collaborative efforts between the two states.

“We hold a deep appreciation for the people of Mizoram and the resolute support of our Members of Parliament within the national arena. The sense of security we feel is a direct result of the Chief Minister, the MPs, and the entire Mizoram populace,” the ZCSC delegation expressed.

Acknowledging the delegation’s concerns, Zoramthanga offered valuable insights on various matters concerning the Kuki-Zomi community. He recognized the ongoing challenges stemming from the sustained violence in the neighboring state and expressed his commitment to assist whenever possible, despite the approaching Mizoram legislative assembly elections.

“While the upcoming elections demand our attention, your struggles and hardships will not be forgotten. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance whenever needed, and keep the lines of communication open,” Zoramthanga assured.

Given the blockade on National Highway No. 2, caused by the ethnic violence that commenced on May 3, the hill tribal community has been unable to access essential supplies from the Imphal valley and Nagaland. Amid this scenario, Mizoram has emerged as a crucial lifeline for the hill tribal community, ensuring the availability of vital goods and necessities.

As the Kuki-Zomi community grapples with these unprecedented challenges, the collaborative efforts between Mizoram and Manipur continue to demonstrate the strength of solidarity and cooperation between neighboring states.

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