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ZORO disavows Alinery representation at UN session

Aizawl: Mizoram-based Zo Re-unification Organisation (ZORO), an umbrella organisation for various Zo ethnic tribes within and outside Mizoram, asserted on Friday that Alinery Lianhlawng does not represent the Zo people.

ZORO’s clarification followed Lianhlawng’s speech at the 54th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva which has sparked controversies and criticisms on Mizoram’s social media platforms.

In its statement, ZORO expressed profound astonishment at Alinery Lianhlawng’s commentary on ethnic violence in Manipur during the UN Human Rights Council session.

“Alinery Lianhlawng is married to a non-Zo man, thereby forfeiting her Zo tribal identity and associated rights. Consequently, her statements at the UN must be considered as her personal views and not reflective of the collective Zo perspective,” ZORO’s statement said.

At the UN session recently, Lianhlawng, who introduced herself as “a Christian social activist from Mizoram,” contested international media narratives that the conflict in Manipur is of religious nature. 

ZORO’s general secretary, L Ramdinliana Renthlei, disagreed, asserting that given the extensive burning of more than 200 Christian churches in Manipur, the claim of a non-religious nature for the conflict is untenable.

Renthlei further alleged Lianhlawng’s pro-BJP stance, citing her praise for the BJP-led central government’s efforts to resolve the conflict through dialogue, peace committees, relief packages, and state-wide camps. 

“In contrast, both the BJP government at the Centre and in Manipur has allowed the ethnic cleansing pogrom to persist for over four months now,” Renthlei said.

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