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ZORO shows solidarity with Kuki-Zomi people in Manipur


Aizawl: Zo Reunification Organisation, an umbrella organisation encompassing all Zo ethnic tribes within and outside Mizoram, today showed its solidarity with the Kuki-Zomi communities in Manipur where ethnic violence leaves thousands of people homeless and more than 100 people from the said community killed, by holding a rally.

During the held in front of Transport department office at Vanapa Hall Square here, ZORO president R Sangkawia delivered a compelling speech, accusing Meitei radicalised groups of perpetrating conspiratorial actions against Kuki-Zomi people in Manipur. He emphasised that Meitei radicalised groups, with the backing of their government, have orchestrated systematic assaults on the Kuki-Zomi communities.

“The political unrest in Manipur state has persisted for over two months now. We cannot understand the Prime Minister’s silence during this time of crisis. We ask the Government of India whether it consider the Kuki-Zomi people as its citizens. When a family is in trouble, it is the responsibility of the head of the family to intervene. The Prime Minister’s silence leaves us with a sense of detachment,” he expressed.

The rally culminated in the adoption of a three-point resolutions that expressed solidarity with Kuki-Zomi’s struggle for self-governance, as it represents the only viable solution to the current political turmoil and safeguards them from further annihilation; asking the Government of India to grant separate administration to our people, and to continue to work for reunification all the Chin-Kuki-Mizo-Zomi tribes scattered across the region, striving towards the establishment of a unified administrative unit. 

After passing of the resulotions, the ZORO burnt effigies of Manipur chief minister Biren Singh for orchestrating genocide against Kuki-Zomi community in his state, Prime Minister Narendra Modi for keeping silent when part of the country is burning, and lastly an alleged killer of David Thiek.

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